• good quality promegranate extract

best quality pomegranate extract

best quality pomegranate extract polyphenols’s anti-inflammatory effects that further protect blood vessels from damage, reduce the size and number of atherosclerotic lesions, prevent thickening of arterial walls, and lower blood pressure. Well know, they made by pomegranate extract manufacturer – fitpharmcn. Polyphenols and other components in pomegranate juice exert beneficial effects that extend beyond the cardiovascular system.

Product Description


best quality pomegranate extract

Product Name: natural pomegranate extract – from fitpharmcn by pomegranate extract manufacturers
Latin Name: Punica granatum L.
Active ingredients: Polyphenols 40% by UV,Ellagic Acid 40-90% by HPLC and Punicalagin 20-40% by HPLC
Appearance: Yellow-Brown powder

Introduction of best quality pomegranate extract
Best quality pomegranate extract is an original native of Persia. pomegranate extract is a nutrient dense food source rich in phytochemical compounds. Pomegranate extract manufacturers making pomegranate extract.
Each seed has a surrounding water-laden pulp — the edible sarcotesta that forms from the seed coat — ranging in color from white to deep red or purple.

Some research about the active ingredients of best quality pomegranate extract
A compound found only in best quality pomegranate extract called punicalagin is shown to benefit the heart and blood vessels.
In other studies, potent antioxidant compounds found in natural pomegranate extract have shown to reduce platelet aggregation and naturally lower blood pressure.
It is benefits to our baby produced by pomegranate extract manufacturers.

Natural pomegranate extract-Ellagic acid
Ellagic acid is a natural phenol antioxidant found in numerous fruits and vegetables. The antiproliferative and antioxidant properties of pomegranate extract made by pomegranate extract manufacturers have prompted research into its potential health benefits. Natural pomegranate extract has been fraudulently marketed as having the ability to prevent and treat a number of human maladies.

Brief description of best quality pomegranate extract Function
1.Improves capillary activity and strengthens capillary membranes;
2.Improves skin smoothness and elasticity;
3.Reduces diabetic retinopathy and improves visual acuity;
4.Reduces varicose veins;
5.Fights inflammation in arthritis and reduces the risk of phlebitis;
6.May be able to prevent prostate cancer.
7.Referenced by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomegranate



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