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Our best quality phycocyanin or natural phycocyanin is a extracted from Spirulina Plantensis blue colored water soluble pigment that belongs to the class of Phycobilli proteins found in Blue-Green algae.non-toxic, pure, lovely clear, can be used as a food coloring agent, cosmetic additives.And its powerfulin anti-oxidant & anti-hydroxyl radical, protect cells against DNA damage.Also as medicines raw materials for anti-inflammatory and regulating menstruation,it is mainly used in pharmaceutical field,or as products of health products and pigments, food additives of seasoning.

Product Description

Best quality Phycocyanin

Product Name:Phycocyanin(natural phycocyanin)
Raw material source of best quality phycocyanin:Spirulina platensis,Arthorspira platenis.
Specification:E1% 618nm in distilled water>18% by Spectro
CAS No.:11016-15-2
Appearance of best quality phycocyanin:Blue fine powder

Brief description of natural Phycocyanin
Best quality Phycocyanin or natural phycocyanin from Phycocyanin manufacturer is a blue colored pigment that belongs to the class of Phycobilli proteins found in Blue-Green algae.Our Phycocyanin is extracted from Spirulina Plantensis.
Phycocyanin is obtained from the Greek words "Phyco" and "Kyanos" which mean "blue-green algae". This is largely due to the fact that the richest sources of phycocyanin in nature are blue-green microalgae like spirulina which is also rich in pigments like carotenoids and chlorophyll etc.
Phycocyanin,as a nontoxic an non-carcinogenic natural blue colorant,is suitable for coloring of fermented milk products,ice creams,chewing gums,soft drinks,alcoholic drinks,desserts, sweet cake decorations,milk shakes,etc.More important,it is suitable for use in cosmetics as well.
Phycocyanin has found numerous applications in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industry. It can be used to manufacture novel type natural functional foods and drinks as well as energy drinks.It can also be applied to manufacture confectionery and other foods focused on children and youth.
More recently phycocyanin was found to have major potential as a fluorescent marker and as an antioxidant in the health industry.Recent reports have also shown that phycocyanin may also play a major role in stem cell regeneration, especially in bone marrow and blood cells.

Main function of phycocyanin


(1) Rejuvenates damaged cells & bone marrow;
Improves blood flow and reduces ‘stickiness’ and ‘stacking’.Rehabilitates bone marrow damaged by radiation, to produce healthy blood cells again.
(2) Strengthens immune system
Enhances production of antibodies and interleukin-1 to fight infections,Inhibits cancer cells growth & spread in the body.
(3) Super Antioxidant & Anti Free-Radical
Phycocyanin is a powerful anti-oxidant & anti-hydroxyl radical (The most dangerous & toxic free radicals produced during chemotherapy, when exposed to hand phone radiation, deep fried foods),protect cells against DNA damage.
(4) Detoxifier and liver protector
Phycocyanin has powerful anti-inflammatory properties,strong chelating power – to leach out heavy metals (mercury and lead) and toxins, protects and improves liver function.


Best quality phycocyanin or natural phycocyanin by Phycocyanin manufacturer – Fitopharm here.


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