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Best qaulity Rosavin (natural Rosavin) from Rosavin manufacturer is a compound found in the Rhodiola rosea plant. Natural Rosavin from the wild condition is one of the chemical components that has been isolated from the Rhodiola Rosea plant. From the Rosavin manufacturer, we know Rosavin is a cinnamyl alcohol glycoside that occurs alongside salidroside within rhodiola extracts.This compound is believed to produce an anti-depressant effect in humans, and at least one clinical trial supports this. Rosavin is also the brand name of a mood elevation and physical performance enhancement drug.The Rhodiola rosea plant grows in northern climates and at high altitudes up to 2,280 meters. This plant is most commonly found in Central Asia and Northern Europe, typically in mountainous regions.

Product Description

Best quality Rosavin

Natural Rosavin origin: Rhodiola rosea extract
Specification of best quality Rosavin: Rosavin 2% ,3% ,4% and 5% by HPLC
CAS No.:84954-92-7
Molecular Formula: C20H28O10
Molecular Weight: 428.43
Appearance of best quality Rosavin: Reddish brown powder

natural Rosavin

Description of Rosavin
Natual Rosavin is a cinnamyl alcohol glycoside found in the plant Rhodiola rosea. It is thought to be one of the compounds responsible for the antidepressant and anxiolytic actions of this plant, along with salidroside.Rosavin, along with the compounds rosarin, rosin, and salidroside, are believed to be the active ingredients in Rhodiola rosea. These glycoside compounds are often referred to as adaptogens, best quality Rosavin from this is a term used to describe a compound that has a broad effect on the body's resistance to multiple stressors. Often, it is difficult to specify what exactly an adaptogen does, but at the very least it must conform to three standards.This phytochemical is thought to be one of the primary active components in the herb and may be responsible for some of the mood lifting and anxiolytic effects of the herb.

Rosavin manufacturer

Brief introduction of Rhodiola rosea
Rhodiola rosea is a perennial flowering plant in the family Crassulaceae.It grows in cold regions of the world.Research regarding Rhodiola rosea efficacy is contradictory. While some evidence suggests that the herb may be helpful for enhancing physical performance and alleviating mental fatigue, methodological flaws limit accurate assessment of efficacy. The chemical composition of the essential oil from Rhodiola rosea root growing in different countries varies. For example, rosavin, rosarin and rosin at their highest concentration according to many tests can be found only in Rhodiola rosea of Russian origin; the main component of the essential oil from Rhodiola growing in Bulgaria are geraniol and myrtenol.
The benefits of Rosavin
1. Antihypoxia: Rhodiola could enhance body’s tolerance of hypoxia, decrease oxygen consumption, increase arterial oxygen pressure, improve oxygen utilization, protect body organs not to be hurt in the hypoxia environment, and boost cellular metabolism at the same time.
2. Antifatigue: The health care is similar to the ginseng, which could obviously improve the athlete's oxygen valve, reduce cardiac and brain blood lactate values, fast remove fatigue, recover physical, improve athletic performance and people's working efficiency, and enhance memory.
3. Two-way adjustment: lower hyperfunction, excite the weak organism, make organism normal in the plus-minus sides. It can treat diabetes, hyperthyreosis, hypothyroidism, hypertension, hypopiesia. It is better than Compound Reserpine to hypertension patients.
4. Activating blood and dissolving stasis: Antihypoxia could make blood into thrombus by “sticky, dense, and concentrated”. It also can be used for irregular menses, massive hemorrhage and leucorrhea for women. Another is external use for hemostasis and apocatastasis.
5. Antivirus: Stop virosome from adsorbing, protect cells from being destroyed by virus, and inhibit virus.
6. Anti-aging, beauty, bodybuilding: The herb could eliminate free radicals, prevent peroxidation, inhibit of the formation and accumulation of brown pigment, improve cell viability, and delay cell senescence.
7. Resisting radiation and anticancer: inhibit cancer cell, release the side effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Brief description of Rosavin function
1. Enhance the immune system;
2. Help decrease high blood-sugar and cholesterol levels;
3. Detoxify the body from radioactive elements, free radicals and toxins;
4. Help protect against thyroid cancer and other carcinoma diseases;
5. Make skin more smooth and elastic;
6. Reduce the risk of catching hepatic fibrosis;
7. Help detoxify smokers from strontium and cadmium.
Packaging & Delivery
1.Packing Detail:25kg/drum,5kg/kg or1kg/bag or as per your request.
2.Storage: Stored in a cool & dry well closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light,high temperature.
3.Shelf life: Two years when properly stored.
4.Delivery: By UPS/DHL/TNT/EMS or by Air/ Sea as per Qty or as your requirements.


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