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black rice extract manufacturer

Best quality black rice extract(black rice extract manufacturer)’s natural purple rice extract may offer a healthy alternative to the artificial food colorings black rice extract manufacturer add to beverages and foods. The pigments in purple rice extract can produce a variety of colors, from black to pink, which might make the powder of purple rice bran a good source for natural food coloring,possible connections between artificial food colorings and health conditions such as cancer, allergies and children’s physiologically-based behavioral problems.Best quality black rice extract manufacturer offer best quality black rice extract for us.

Product Description


black rice extract manufacturer

Product Name: best quality black rice extract
Latin Name: Oryza sativa
Active ingredients: Cyanidin-3-O-glucoside 20% by HPLC
CAS No.black rice extract manufacturer: 7084-24-4
Molecular Formula: C21H21O11
Molecular Weight: 449.38
Appearance: Black purple Powder
What is black rice?

Best quality black rice extract is the seed of Oryza sativa Linne (Gramineae), and is a type of ancient rice originated in Hanzhong, Shanxi in China(from black rice extract manufacturer),Unpolished Purple rice has a hard surface and a white inner area, and contains purple black pigments (anthocyanine) in the unpolished seed coat.

In ancient times, natural black rice was considered to be effective for perennial youth and long life, and have nourishing/tonic effects, and effects on anemia.


Benefits of best quality black rice extract
Natural black rice extract low in sugar, contains anthocyanins which are water soluable and do not need fat in order for your body to get the antioxidant effects like with brown rice. Best quality black rice extract helps reduce heart disease, aids with fat digestion, memory, and is an anti-inflammatory.Keep reading. Best quality black rice extract is high in fiber and Vitamin E as well.


Brown rice and natural black rice extract are antioxidant-rich, but only purple rice contains anthocyanins, the purple and dark red pigments that color and add valuable nutrients to blueberries, grapes, blackberries, dark cherries, raspberries and acai berries. Anthocyanin antioxidants are associated with health benefits, such as memory improvement and decreased risk of heart disease and cancer.

The health benefits of natural black rice extract are found in the bran of the rice(according to black rice extract manufacture), so to obtain the most nutrients from black rice, choose whole grain rice and products that contain whole grains,purple rice is a healthy source of minerals, especially iron. It contains vitamin E and is lower in sugar than berries that have similar phytochemical qualities. Purple rice is fiber-rich and nutritionally similar, though not identical, to whole grain brown rice.
Short description of best quality black rice extract
1.Potent antioxidant;
2.Scavenges free radicals, eliminate speckles, enhances  cardiovascular health;
3.Anti-inflammatory,antibacterial,preventing arthritis inflammation and swelling;
4.Natural dark purple pigment;
5.Improve Iron deficiency anemia;
6.Lower blood pressure.
Packaging & Delivery
1.Packing Detail:25kg/drum,5kg/kg or1kg/bag or as per your request.
2.Storage: Stored in a cool & dry well closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light,high temperature.
3.Shelf life: Two years when properly stored.
4.Delivery: By UPS/DHL/TNT/EMS or by Air/ Sea as per Qty or as your requirements.




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