Common Medicine- Rosemary

Rosemary has been used as the medicine for a long history and the medical part of the plant is the root and rhizome. People always use it to expel phlegm and coughing. This herb grows in the area which is dark and wet and has long sunlight and low temperature.

Rosemary is in rich of many kinds of chemical compound and the main ingredients are Rosemary acid and liquorice. The chemical constitution of rosemary is quite complicated and there are over ten kinds of chemical compounds are separated from the rosemary at present. The amount of the ingredients will change according to the different types, plantation area and harvesting time.

Rosemary is a plant which has large medical value and has been used both in traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. It has been used to expel phlegm and coughing in western medicine since ancient Greece. In the ancient medical book of China, rosemary was described as the medicine which can strengthen the muscles and bones; improve energy and cure the wound. Traditional Chinese doctors regarded it as the king of herb medicine. We can find the figure of rosemary in plenty of classical prescriptions.

Researches show that rosemary can restrain monoamine oxidize and aldose reeducates which can lead to diabetes. Researchers find it can be used to prevent and cure the viral hepatitis, brittle-bone disease and AIDS.

In addition, people also use it to whitening the skin and protect the skin from sunlight. The whitening effect of the rosemary is given play to by restrain the activities of monophony oxidase and TRP-2 and stop the formation of melanin. Among the extract of rosemary, flavonoids is the main ingredient which can give play to the sunscreen effect. Due to the contumacy of the molecular structure of flavonoids, it can show a strong absorption effect to the ultraviolet light and visible light. No matter measure from any aspects, rosemary should be regarded as the well performance herbs.


Lycopene Used in Cosmetic

Lycopene is an extract which has multiple uses in food, medicine and cosmetic field. The lycopene has been widely used in medicine and daily use chemical products. 

The polysaccharide and vitamins existed in the lycopene has well effects of nutrition, moistening and whitening. Lycopene can relieve the induration and keratinization and can eliminate the scar. It can not only prevent the small wrinkle, pouch and cutis laxa but also keep the skin moist and tender. At the same time, it can be used to treat the scytitis and it has well curative effect to the acne, freckle, scald, knife wound and insect bite. People also use lycopene when clean the hair because it can keep the hair moist and smooth and it can be used to prevent the alopecia. 

Lycopene is in rich of aloin and aloesin and these components provide well effect for lycopene to beautify the skin from multiple aspects. Due to the specific ingredients, lycopene also has effect to soften skin and prevent allergy. The lycopene also is added into the sun cream because lycopene has strong absorptive action to the ultraviolet light and it can efficiently prevent the burn of skin. 

Besides, aloe also has plenty kinds of ingredients such as superoxide dismutase and catalase which can eliminate the superoxide free radical. These ingredients can also make skin tender and it has effects to antiseptic and delay senescence. 

The use of lycopene as cosmetic has a long history and expert found there is the record of aloe in ancient China. The lycopene is the natural extract which has a lot of moist and nutrient ingredients. Lycopene has well compatibility and it can be matched with many other cosmetic raw materials. By adding the lycopene, most of cosmetic can significantly prevent the skin harm caused by multiple surfactants. 

In the market, we can see many brands of cosmetics adopt the lycopene as the main part of the cosmetic. In addition to the cosmetic, the toothpaste and hair shampoo also adopt the lycopene. 

Beauty Effect of Grape Seed Extract

The grape seed extract is in rich of beneficial and natural compounds including polyphenols, betaglucan and amino acids. For women, the beauty effect of grape seed extract is the most important. The nutrient ingredient is very helpful for soothing and moisturizing the skin. 

In addition to the natural health care function, oat also has a high value of beauty effect. People found the beauty effect of grape seed extract quite early and they use it as the treatment of dry skin and itched skin. According to the inspection of archaeologists, the queen of ancient Egypt had the habit to take shower with grape seed extract water. 

The grape seed extract is in rich of avenin, oat peptide, beta glucan and grape seed extract oil. These efficient ingredients provide plenty functions of oat such as antioxidant, improving the skin activity, antiaging, skin whitening, moisturizing, reducing wrinkle and stain and antiallergy. In America, Japan, South Korea, Canada and France, people regard the oat as family doctor, golden plant and natural cosmetologist. The cooking liquor of grape seed extract can apply on the face directly or apply with mask. 

Beta glucan is a kind of linear mucopolysaccharide which can absorb moisture and keep the moisture of skin cuticle. In addition to the great moisturized function, it can also help to fibroblast to compound into collagen and has a well skin regeneration function. 

Protein is one of the main ingredients of grape seed extract which can be divided into peptide and amino acid after enzymolysis. These molecules have the same strong moisturizing function as the beta glucan. The grape seed extract protein with large molecular weight can has an effect to quarantine the small molecular under the lower concentration condition and this effect can improve the hair condition and dry skin. 

The advanced oil existed in oat is consisted of unsaturated fatty acid. The oil ingredient and the hydration character of grape seed extract can make it emulsify a large content of water in the oil. Due to this specific effect, grape seed extract can be used as the efficient carrier of hydrated humectants for epidermal layer. The oil of grape seed extract can form an oil slick onthe surface of skin and achieve the long acting of moisture.