The Tribulus Terrestris Had Been Used For Long in Traditional Medicine

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that is commonly naturalized in Australia and in America. It has been used for a long period after doing a cycle of anabolic steroid and many people assume that it can restore the natural level of the testosterone. The extract is believed that it increases the natural level of testosterone and it helps to build the muscle while improving sexual performance for men. The possibility of an increase in the testosterone was made popular by Jeffrey Petermann who was an IFBB champion. However, the studies done did not show such increase.

Tribulus TerrestrisTribulus Terrestris is used in the Traditional Chinese System under the name of bai ji li. It is sometime confused with white ji li and many people may attribute some toning property with it. The herb has been used for a long period in the Ayurveda medicine under the name of gokshural sarrata. Tribulus Terrestris also used in the Unani medical system which is another type of medical system in the India. The world gokshura is a mix of two words which means cow and barb or razor.  This is because the small thorns of the animal may stuck at grazing animal.  It is used because it is believed to contribute to building of the tissues, sexual strength and reproductive tissues.  Since it is believed to be a diuretic, it is used in the uro genital, urinary track, bladder and kidney related problems.

In some places, even if the herb may not be indigenous, it can be overpopulate the place and eradication method may be sought out.  If it is found in a small area, manual removal can be used to control the herb. For home control, the user can try chemical control. Biological method can also be used to control the herb by the use of two weevils, M, lyproformis and Microlarinus lareynii.

Olive Oil, Siberian Ginseng, Lemon Balm – Herbal Remedies for Herpes

Herbal Remedies for Herpes

Caused by the herpes simplex virus, herpes is an infection with pain and itch. Usually, herpes appears in the forms of sore near mouth, lips, eyes and genitals. The causes of herpes include kissing, skin contact, touching the blisters or sores, illness, stress, fatigue, exposure to ultraviolet rays, unprotected vaginal sex, and so on. Fortunately, herbal remedies for herpes can be helpful, below are some examples: 

Herbal Remedies for HerpesOlive Oil: Being rich in antioxidants, olive oil is one of the best home herpes remedy because of it can moisturize the skin. You can treat herpes with olive oil by following steps: take one cup of olive oil and heat it in a pot and add some lavender oil and bee wax in it; let the mixture down and then apply the mixture on the infected area. 

Siberian Ginseng: This herb may be useful for treat genital herpes; this is because of Siberian ginseng have immune strengthening function thus help the body to fight off active phase of the virus. Siberian ginseng always contributes more to human overall health. 

Lemon Balm: Also known as Melissa officinalis, lemon balm has ability to reduce active outbreaks of the herpes virus. Following methods are recommended: drink lemon balm tea daily, add a few drops of lemon balm essential oil to fact cream to prevent oral herpes, apply lemon balm extract to prevent recurrences of active outbreaks. 

Other herbs can be used to treat herpes include aloe vera gel, licorice roots, Echinacea, domeboro powder, manuka honey, goldenseal, oregano oil, and so on. In addition, ice pack, baking soda, black coffee also is good home remedies for herpes in daily life. 

In a word, herbal remedies for herpes are always safer than drugs because they have fewer side effects. At the same time, these nature medicine is easy to get and in a reasonable price.

The Health Benefits of Ferulic Acid Powder

ferulic acid powder

Extracted from Rice Bran Oil, ferulic acid is one of the most powerful flavoid components possessing antioxidant property. Nowadays, this beneficial compound is widely used as a raw material of drugs for treating cardiovascular disease. In today’s market, ferulic acid powder is popular. 

ferulic acid powderFerulic acid can be used to treat cancer, slow down the aging process, reduce cholesterol in the blood, protection against the degeneration of bone, as well as stabilization of levels of bold glucose in diabetic patients and relief the ‘hot flushing’ symptoms experienced by menopausal women. In addiiton to ferulic acid powder, you can also find ferulic acid in the seeds of apple, artichoke, peanut, orange, as well as rice, wheat, oat, and commelinid plants like pineapple. 

With a wide cylindrical shape, a scaly green, brown or yellow skin, and fibrous yellow flesh, pineapple has exceptional juiciness and a vibrant tropical favor; it is available throughout the year although the season for this fruit runs from March through June. Not to mention its delicious taste, pineapple can bring us a number of health benefits, for example: 

Strong Bones: Being rich in manganese, pineapple can strength bones and connective tissues – drinking a cup of pineapple juice which will give you roughly 73% of the required manganese for a day. 

Eye Health: Macular degeneration can affect the eyes as people in age; and pineapple can help reduce the risk if this disease due to its vitamin and antioxidants content. 

Treatment for Inflammatory Condition: With anti inflammatory effect, a cup of pineapple juice can be used to treat inflammatory conditions like gout, surgeries, injuries, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.  

Low Calories and High Fiber: To use pineapple to lose weight in your daily life due to it contains few calories but high fiber. 

In short, fruits contain ferulic acid can bring us so many health benefits. And ferulic acid powder is very convenient source to enjoy these benefits.