Examples of Cosmetic Raw Material

cosmetic raw material

For modern people, skin care and makeup are the common step in the daily life. In addition to improve the skin condition or allergy, people pay more attention on how to keep skin tender like teenager even babies. Natural cosmetic raw material comes into the view of public.  

In the nature, there are many kinds of plants can be extracted and used as cosmetic raw material. There are several examples. 

The first one we will talk about is apricot. Apricot has a wide know of its medicine functions and it does have a long using history in whatever traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine. In addition, apricot is a good choice to moisturize skin and keep the skin condition like babies’. In ancient China, it has shown this function. Modern research proved that there are large contents of fatty oil and protein in the apricot. The fatty oil of apricot can make skin cuticle soften and moisturize skin.

cosmetic raw materialAnother common cosmetic raw material is olive. Olive is in rich of vitamins especially vitamin C which can not only moisturize dry skin but also restrain the sebum secretion of oil skin. The content of vitamin C in olive is higher than any other plants. Using the sunscreen product with the olive essence under the strong insolation can keep the water in skin for a long time and prevent the skin dried at the same time. The active recombination ingredients extracted from leaves of olive is in rich of antioxidant which has significant effects of smoothing skin microgroove and anti-aging. 

In addition, liquorice can also be the raw material of cosmetic and it is one of the most expensive cosmetic materials. The flavones ingredients extracted from liquorice by solvent extraction method have a gentle effect of tyrosinase restraining. Liquorice extract has been proved to be the most efficient floristic skin lightener. But the content of effective ingredient is not so high and the extraction method is difficult. 

Whatever kinds of plants, people begin to pursue a more healthy and environment protection ways to protect and improve the skin condition. 

Tribulus Terrestris: a quick glance to identify significant advantages

Tribulus Terrestris

Physical functions perform very well when having a strong backup. Human body always requires essential elements and nutrients for the functioning. Diets and foods are main sources to supply whatever required by the body. What happens inside the body? There is a function known as metabolism that is responsible for the energy production, release and balancing. The Tribulus Terrestris is said to have an ideal relationship with the metabolism. Hundreds of research publications show that Tribulus can boost up the physical functioning by improving the metabolism. What is the reality? You can find the reality by learning the scientific facts about this medicinal plant. 

Tribulus TerrestrisSource or origin:

The name Tribulus Terrestris is from Greek word combination. The meaning of this combination is “A spiky weapon” that has lots of purposes. In wild, it is considered a big hazardous factor for the barefooted persons and bikers because of the sharp spikes all around. Because of its medicinal value, this plant is grown in United States of America, Australia and some native countries of America.  

Traditional treatments: 

This plant is being used as a medicinal factor all around the world. There are evidences that ancient Mayans used these spikes for the male enhancement treatments. Latest research activities and studies confirm that it has an excellent potential to increase the male power. However, it is associated with the muscle strengthening and vitality. 

Modern medical sciences:

The modern medical sciences allow the users to try Tribulus Terrestris as a conventional supplement for physical improvement. It is believed that this plant gives an extract that is used for kidney, urinary tract, bladder and genital treatments. Indian medical practice (Ayurveda) recommends the mixture of this plant for the quick control of genital problems. Tribulus also contains active ingredients beneficial for the human brain and synaptic systems. 

Grapefruit Seed Extract for Treating Diabetes and Tooth Decay

Grapefruit Seed Extract

In this article, we are going to talk about why people prefer to buy grapefruit seed extract. 

grapefruit seed extractAlmost all people have known that grapefruit is a delicious and beneficial fruit. Now with development of technology, the extract products of grapefruit have appeared on the market as well. Apart from the flesh of grapefruit, grapefruit seed play a very important role in our daily life as well. 

Originally developed by Jacob Harich, grapefruit seed extract (also known as GSE for shortly) is an antiparasitic; it is extracted from the fruit and seeds of grapefruit as a liquid substance. In addition, grapefruit seed extract is rich in antioxidant, anti inflammatory and antimicrobial microbial properties; so it is used to treat several diseases in daily life, for example: 

Diabetes: Also known as Type 2 diabetes, diabetes mellitus have symptoms like high blood lipid levels and elevated blood sugar levels. Grapefruit also can be used to treat this disease due to it contain phytonutrients like flavonoids and cardiac glycoside; in this case, this extract can lower the blood level of sugar and LDL or bad cholesterol. 

Tooth Decay: Streptococcus mutans is the leading cause of tooth decay that occurs naturally in the mouths of humans as a bacterium. Some home remedies are very effective for this condition like grapefruit seed extract which can inhibit the growth and acid production of this strain of strep. 

If you have healthy condition like above, try grapefruit seed extract in your daily life. Now, you can purchase it very convenient in your local healthy food store or online services.

However, some things you should keep in mind all the time: do not take grapefruit seed extract if you are pregnant or nursing; and consult your doctor first if you are taking any medication or have a medical condition.