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Fitopharm Corporation Limited has 5 production bases, located in Shaanxi Province, Sichuan Province, Zhejiang Province, and Inner Mongolia,each having production facilities of world unique design for different natural bioactive ingredients, which demonstrates that its product quality is of the world top ranks and its costs are the best so far as It has compared. The experienced production staff have had face-to-face discussions with lots of oversea clients and partners from North America, European Union,Japan,and South Korea who come to visit the company every year. And they are very familiar with quality requests in Japan, EU and North America as well. With great support of its own R & D team and support from several Chinese prestigious universities and institutes,It has mastered production know-how of 120 different novel plant extracts and natural compounds for dietary supplements, nutraceutical supplements, functional food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries all over the world. And the annual output reached 890 tons in 2013 including export of 112 tons quality Tribulus Terrestris Extract 80% to one client within one year. It has adopted systematic procedure of solvent recycling and high temperature and high pressure to lower microbiology to minimum level in the materials.